Saturday, September 19, 2009

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  1. it was really nice!!! Miss Honey has a great voice and she made really my fantasy reality

    Thanks Miss Honey

  2. Dear Miss Honey,

    Awwwwww... just hearing your lovely, sweet voice... demanding all that naughty things from me...

    Sharing with you is both sexy and fun. You are sweet, caring, and loving. But... you can be quite the sadist too.

    Miss Honey really touches your heart. She is not only very sexy and naughty, but also really interested in the person on the other end of the line.

    What is it that you want? Ohh.. you should hear Miss Honey telling you what you want ;)

  3. I have shared more than once with Miss Honey online – the strongest, strangest thing is that you are held as securely as if she were in the room tapping your shoulders with a crop. Two strong memories, of being told to hold my hands behind me and be quiet - the first time I had ever been told that - it made my stomach go cold , and then of begging to have the clamps she had placed on me removed, and being told “not yet...”. Both of those moments still fill the daydreams in my day.

  4. Miss Honey, thank you for one of the strongest orgasms I have ever had. To be able to share that experience with you made it more intense that one could imagine. Fighting back the orgasm to the point where I was shaking while I waited to hear you say 'cum' is something I will never forget. You truly are an amazing woman and I am fortunate to be considered yours.



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